Ftv Milfs Karson Kennedy in The Bold & Beautiful

She’s a beautiful blonde tattooed woman in her late twenties who is just starting out her adult career and decided FTV was the perfect place to show her stuff!

When we first meet Karson Kennedy she’s walking around the house in a sexy little romper that shows her fit firm butt, and when she slips out of it we notice she isn’t wearing any panties on underneath.

Next we see her relaxing on the couch nude talking about her masturbation habits, putting words to action as she rubs herself with her fingertips before using a purple vibrating toy for both penetration and clit stimulation, and the toy brings her to her first orgasm of the day!

We see her continue to play afterwards and as the videographer lends a hand the toy brings Karson to another strong climax after a short time.

Next we watch as she tries a textured glass toy for the first time, unsnapping the crotch of her sheer black lingerie to give herself access to her vagina. She slides the toy inside herself and we note how wet her privates get from the attention…she masturbates multiple times a day in her everyday life! We see her using her vaginal muscles to push the toy out of herself, showing off her strong fit form…she enjoys the penetration but needs vibration to really get into things so she puts the toy aside for now.

Next we see her teasing in a pair of black panties and high heels, pulling the fabric up between her lips for a cameltoe effect before trying out the Vibraking toy…she enjoys the strong vibrations and it brings her to another strong orgasm, this time with squirting!

After a rest we see her outside in the bright sunshine, flashing her round firm breasts in public and sliding her tight jeans down to reveal neon panties and her superfit butt as the traffic flows by on a busy nearby highway…this is where she leaves us to go catch a flight home, but it’s a pleasure seeing this fit and super cute blonde showing off her sexy body and having fun…FTV style!

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Ftv Milfs Ashley & Brad in Mutual Pleasure

She’s a beautiful blonde mature woman with a nearly flawless body, and the kind of sexual energy you might read about but rarely get to see “in the wild”!

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She’s been working in the adult industry for over 13 years now and usually with that kind of track record a woman tends to slow down a little or become a little jaded, but not Ashley, she’s still full of jazz and loves to share her body with the world.

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We see her first in a sheer striped skirt in public, giving a few tantalizing glimpses of her nice round bubble butt as a sort of hint of the fun to come, then see her indoors stripping the rest of the way down to be totally nude and comfortable on the couch. She grabs a nearby glass toy and starts pleasuring herself, switching up to the vintage vibrator to really go to town!

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Hearing the commotion, Brad wanders in and lends a hand before unzipping and giving Ashley the real thing to play with…it’s a hot hardcore rendezvous and Ashley ends up orgasming multiple times, maybe even as many as 25 (!!!) according to her! Note how wet she is “down there” as she is penetrated; this is one woman who truly loves sex in all its forms.

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After cleaning up from a facial and changing into a red shawl for more teases we see her head outside to get some fresh air, pulling her top down to reveal her large bouncy breasts and then going for a topless jog down a quite busy path! She seemed a little nervous still about public nudity but got her nerve up to do topless cartwheels as traffic drove right past.

Enjoy this seasoned veteran of the adult industry exploring her body and her sexual pleasure…whether it be hardcore sex or soft casual teases Ashley looks amazing and is a perfect fit here on FTV MILFs!

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