Ftv Milfs Chloe in A Busty Return

Today we celebrate the return of Chloe after 8 years away from FTV…she’s here to show she’s just as hot as she was when she was 19, just in a more mature and certainly voluptuous way!


It’s been 6 or 7 years since she did any modeling at all so this is a very special treat just for FTV MILFs.

When we meet up with Chloe she’s wearing a sexy professional outfit with a secretary style top and skirt that match with her glasses very well. She walks around a public office area, flashing her large breasts and giving some upskirt views as well, before heading inside for a nice hard breast massage.


She then takes the magic wand toy and spreads her legs, masturbating to a nice natural orgasm before heading back outside, finding a public bench to show her boobs and play with a little pink toy, showing off her pretty pink privates up close and personal.

The following day she was wearing a cute flowing white dress and went to a public fountain, splashing in the water and trying some panty stuffing before giving up and using a big thick dildo to penetrate herself instead – dropping it into the water and nearly losing it! – and showing how sexy that mature body looks dripping wet.

Next it’s off to the park where Chloe goes for a topless run, her big breasts bouncing in the sun before finding a nearby gazebo where she gets totally nude and plays with some large toys, riding them and penetrating herself for some public masturbation to a strong natural orgasm while a crowd at a football game close by cheered!

A little more flashing of those big lovely boobs and it was time to say goodbye. A legend from the FTV archives, back again to blow us away with her personality and beauty…enjoy!

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